How much does an accessibility audit cost?

Author: Dariusz Drezno

Obviously, the final cost of the audit depends on many factors. In this article we list few most important questions one should answer before asking for the quotation. It saves time - vendor responsible for audit accessibility will ask these questions before preparing the offer anyway. But first of all, it saves the money and helps to plan budget which is realistic.

Any kind of software can (and should) be verified in context of accessibility. To simplify, let's use the example of website accessibility audit. It is a typical scenario, our cooperation with various customers very often starts with testing their website.

Scope - what to test?

Having the expected level of WCAG standard compliance and list of items to be tested it's a good way to limit time, effort and budget needed to complete the audit. That's an important step forward, but the job is not complete here. It is even more critical to understand what should be the final result of this project. Of course the decision will impact the final cost too.

Final result - where to stop?

Knowing the answers for the questions above makes the estimation process quick and straightforward. The "only" thing left is to go through the website to be audited to estimate how many issues one can expect during accessibility testing. The more accessibility issues at the beginning, the more time consuming project. Describing the finding takes time.

Such estimates usually can be done within one day.

Ask for audit price

We will contact you within one day to discuss the scope, estimate the time needed to achieve your goals and prepare the offer.