Customer case: Accessibility training for global software company

Author: Dariusz Drezno


The goal in front of the team responsible for development of the customer flagship product was to create an accessibility assurance strategy and integrate it with existing continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) solutions. As the first step they decided to increase team’s awareness and train the platform team, especially QA specialists and frontend developers.

Picture of Tomasz Bonior sitting in front of screen and monitor while remote workshops.

This investment was triggered mainly by the expectations of the big client using our customer’s systems to run their daily business activities.

Tight schedule made this project even more challenging - both training itself and first accessibility improvements had to be implemented quickly, in the next release of the system.

Training participants worked remotely and were located in many countries, so the training had to take the form of on-line classes and was delivered in English.


Our involvement started with a small accessibility audit project. We tested part of the customer’s system against WCAG 2.1 guidelines, level AA and delivered a test report summarising the results. Based on that, the customer was able to verify our experience and competencies. The outcome was positive and we could start to plan the training session.

It wouldn't be effective and convenient to deliver eight hours of online training in one full day block. It is more difficult to keep trainees focused when they work from home, and our customer couldn’t afford so many people being out of their daily activities for the whole day. So we decided to split the training into four blocks, each lasting about two hours:

Second module ended with homework for volunteers, and the whole course was summarized by quiz checking trainees’ knowledge and skills.

To ensure maximum interaction (questions, real life examples, discussions) trainees have been divided into four groups, 10-12 participants each. They could book one of the four modules and choose the term which works best for them in terms of preferences and daily activities.


In less than two weeks we completed 16 remote training sessions, each of them gathered around 10 participants and took between 1,5 and 2,5 hours.

It was great to see results even before the training has been delivered to all employees - some accessibility issues have been fixed during the first week of the training!

Post training survey question “Would you recommend this training?” got only positive results:

Pie chart showing that 100% of respondents chose Yes

All participants responded that the skills and knowledge they gained during the training session will be useful in their day-to-day activities:

Pie chart showing that 100% of respondents chose Yes

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